The Micro-Electronic Systems & Technology Association (MEST) @ TU Delft

What is MEST?

MEST is the Micro-Electronic Systems & Technology Association, an independent representative body of graduate students (MScs) and research scholars/employees (PhDs & Post-docs) at  the Department of Microelectronics & Computer Engineering and the Delft Institute of Microsystems & Nanoelectronics (DIMES), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands. We officially represent around 300+ members as a result of an agreement reached  in 2008 with the scientific director of DIMES and the then chair of the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Engineering, Prof. dr. K. Beenakker. We are also keenly interested in establishing and maintaining good contact with all the ME & CE Alumni.

MEST was initially founded in 2000, having been an integral part of the Electrotechnische Vereeniging (ETV) till then, as a graduate student body of the Microelectronics department and was re-instituted in its present form in 2008 to better represent and serve the graduate students (MScs) and researchers (PhDs & Post-Docs) communities at the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Engineering, EEMCS faculty, TU Delft. We are officially registered at the “Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel)” as an independent NGO and act according to our by-laws (in Dutch).

What does MEST do?

MEST‘s primary objectives are to defend the general interests of our members, to contribute towards their integration and to promote knowledge and innovation in the fields of Microelectronics, Micro- & Nano- Systems Technology (MEMS & NEMS), Embedded Systems  and Computer Engineering. To meet these objectives, MESTconducts the following core activities:

  • Technical Promotion  We promote the various interesting roles that micro- and nano- technology and information technology play in our society
  • Research & Educational Support  We contribute to the research and educational programs at DIMES and ME & CE department
  • Integration & Networking  We provide a support platform for integration, networking and promote knowledge exchange between our members, the ME/CE faculty and the external experts
  • Member Services  We organize activities and events that assist our members in their personal, professional and career development
  • Communication Platform  We serve as an effective internal  communication platform between the ME & CE department/DIMES/Research laboratories, our members and our Alumni
  • Representation – We represent our members at departmental/faculty level, while also staying in good contact and active cooperation with other relevant associations and faculty bodies at the university level to bring info and benefits to our members

What are our Regular Events?

To fullfill the above goals, MEST organizes a number of social and professional activities throughout the year and some of these events also involve the participation of Internal (TU Delft) and External  Experts  from Scientific/Technical/Management/Entrepreneurial fields, TU Delft Alumni and the Industry. Regular events that we organize/co-organize/assist with include  –

  • Monthly “Free” Drinks & Snacks – also suitable for vegetarians and non-alcoholics!
  • Career-Tech Talks (often combined with Monthly “Free” Drinks & Snacks)
  • “Free” Lunch Lectures – also suitable for vegetarians and non-alcoholics!
  • Annual BBQ – also suitable for vegetarians and non-alcoholics!
  • Tech Symposia
  • Career Related Events
  • Industry & Scientific Visits
  • Excursions & Exposition Visits
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sport Events

How to Become a MEST Member ?

MEST already maintains a dynamic list of all eligible graduate students (MScs), researchers (PhDs & Post-Docs) and some alumni from ME & CE including the new first year students, however, we strongly recommend and urge all eligible members  to register themselves via our website through our “Member Registration” page that will soon open up. You will receive an official communication about this soon from the department/research laboratory.